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  Sonora Bikram Yoga Ciudad Obregon
Bikram Yoga Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico, is looking for a full time teacher starting this June. It is necessary to be able to teach the full dialogue in Spanish for most of the students don't speak English. We offer free accommodation in a beautiful apartment right next to the school, and to teach 8 to 10 classes a week.,
If you are interested, please write to Gloria at yayita54@hotmail.com. Thank you.

  Mexico   060115

  Shelton, CT Bikram Yoga Shelton
Bikram Yoga Shelton is looking for a caring, dedicated teacher willing to work with all levels of ability in a happy community of practitioners that love good energy!
2-8 classes per week available please contact
Edi May Macri
Bikram Yoga Shelton
3 Corporate Drive suite 201
Shelton CT

  USA   050615

  San Ramon, CA Bikram Yoga San Ramon
Bikram Yoga San Ramon is looking for a teacher to teach 8-10 classes a week for us beginning in June. We can provide subsidized housing at $300/mo. and we think you will love our studio. Our students are teachers and students are wonderful and the studio really feels like a community. Please email Katie at Katiekeefe14@gmail.com with:
1. Your background in yoga, when you did training
2. If you are currently teaching anywhere
3. When you are available to start
4. Anything else about yourself you would like to share!
Thank you!

  USA   042315

  Uptown , New Orleans Bikram Yoga Uptown New Orleans
Bikram Yoga Uptown New Orleans is looking for a full time teacher starting the beginning of May. We have a beautiful new studio in a great location. Experienced and new teachers are welcome to apply. Housing is not available however there are plenty of affordable options here. Please send an email with your resume and current posture pictures (3) to ATTN ; Emily
Emily Johnston Bikram Yoga Uptown New Orleans 8338 Oak st New Orleans, LA 70118 www.bikramyogauptownneworleans.com 504-266-8562

  USA   041615

  Rochester, NY Bikram Yoga Rochester
Bikram Yoga Rochester, NY is looking for staff for a minimum of 3-6 months starting in April. 8-10 classes a week! Incredible studio and community, and very clean housing available! You can't beat Spring and Summer in beautiful Upstate New York! Foreign staff welcome! Please contact aaron@bikramrochester.comto set up interview.

  USA   041015

I want to become a Bikram yoga teacher because I have an intense desire to share my passion and enthusiasm for the practice with other people.I have personally experienced amazing physical healing from traumatic injuries through the practice.

I have had such amazing healing and strengthening experiences (both physically and psychologically) since beginning this practice.One year later I quit smoking and began practicing Bikram yoga.

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