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As a Certified Bikram Yoga Method Instructor, Bikram requires that all Teachers, re-certify every 3 years in order to hold a valid certificate. If you are a graduate from the Class of 1994 thru 2010, and you have not recertified in the last three years, then you will need to recertify as soon as possible.

You may recertify as often as you like, but it is mandatory that you recertify three years from the date of your last recertification or from your graduation date.

The cost for the recertification seminar is $250. This does not include travel expenses or room and board. It will be held at The Radisson Hotel at Los Angeles Airport 6225 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90045, United States, teacher training facility in the Spring and the Fall, check the seminars page for dates. If you would like to stay at the Radisson Hotel, please email: accommodations@bikramyoga.com to reserve a room.

You cannot visit teacher training at any time to recertify. You must attend the scheduled recertification seminar held in the Spring and Fall, dates listed on the seminars page. Plan to arrive by 7 AM on the first day and to be finished by 1 PM on the second day. The specific schedule is subject to change.

You can also recertify at any of Rajashree's seminars or at Bikram's advanced seminars (not at his lectures), for $50 in addition to the cost of the seminar. You must register and pay for the seminar with the seminar host, and you must register and pay for recertification on this page. The recertification registration form and paypal button are below.

No other seminars can be used for recertification purposes.

You must both register and pay online at least one week prior to the seminar, otherwise, you will be required to pay an additional late fee of $25. You may not register for recertification for any seminar after the start of the seminar.

If you are attending one of Rajashree's seminars to recertify, then you must attend the full seminar, not just part of it. If you are attending one of Bikram's advanced seminars, then you must attend one full day of it, which day will be designated on the recertification registration form.

We ask that you email: recertification@bikramyoga.com with any questions or concerns.

There are many teachers due for recertification for whom we do not have an email address, please click here to see a list of names.

1. Form:

2. Payment:

Please note that this paypal button has a drop down menu:

$250 is for the Fall and Spring seminar held at the teacher training facility.

$50 is the cost for recertification at one of Rajashree's seminars (you must pay for the seminar with the host)or Bikram's advanced seminars (not his lectures).

$25 is the late fee.

The paypal button is not connected to the registration form. Both must be filled out. Please send your paypal receipt to recertification@bikramyoga.com.

Recertification Seminar

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