The Rajashree Collection

 GARURASANA (Eagle Pose) Necklace 
The Red Coral creates the virtues of courage and perseverance; and enhances self-confidence.
The Blue Agate is a "soothing and calming stone". It stabilizes the aura, eliminating negative energies.
The Orange Carnelian awakens the inherent talents and abilities. It gives courage, and protects against envy, fear and rage.
 HEMATITE Necklace 
This is a single strand of Hematite beads, with The Rajashree Collection signature silver clasp on the lock.
Hematite is "a stone for the mind." It stimulates concentration and focus.
It also aids circulatory problems and blood conditions.
Bikram Logo Shiny Gold Coin with a loop 
The Bikram Logo Coin makes a perfect gift to commemorate completion of yoga teacher training or completion of a "yoga challenge"!
It also makes a great gift for any dedicated Bikram Yoga student!

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