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  Rajashree Choudhury

Born in Kolkata, living in Los Angeles since age 18, Rajashree Choudhury’s background is a true blend of East and West. Inspired by Yoga competitions at an early age, Rajashree won several titles by age 11. This experience informed her life's dream of encouraging youth to practice yoga and to promote yoga asana as a sport.

Her personal and professional goal is to embrace, embody and empower all through the practice of hatha yoga. She became a yoga instructor firstly and foremost because it is the greatest love of her life to connect with people on an emotional level through teaching the practice of Hatha Yoga. To become a yoga instructor is a kind of Karma Yoga, a public service, as well a personal journey.

She teaches Bikram Yoga at BYCOI Head Quarters and BYCOI teacher training, including a special class on the Health Benefits of Yoga. All over the world she leads workshops on her own Pregnancy Yoga Series, and Women's Health, with a special emphasis on the emotions.


Inspired by her personal teachers, Dr. P. S. Das, and Dr. Kushala Das, as well other great teachers including B. K. S. Iyengar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rajashree is also by the small things, which touch her heart. And, of course, by the big transformations that yoga brings to people's lives.

She is dedicated to supporting various non-profits, including: Uprising Yoga in Los Angeles, an organization bringing yoga to incarcerated youths; Parikrma Foundation in India, serving poor children by helping them stay in school; a yoga and meditation center for Aviva in Los Angeles that she helped build; and Red, White, and Blue, an organization that helps veterans through yoga and other physical activities. She is also the founder of the United States Yoga Federation, a non-profit that promotes yoga-asana as a sport and The International Yoga Sports Federation.

“Yoga means union. May yoga unite you with yourself, your breath, your body and the new life you are creating.”

Much of the work I have done promoting yoga as a sport has been fired by my desire to inspire youth to practice yoga. A much more recent goal is to promote women's physical and psychological health through the practice of yoga. I have developed a workshop specifically for women that shows how yoga and psychotherapy balances the energy of the human body, impacting disease, and focusing on the important linkages between body and mind that lead to the prevention of disease.


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